Tuesday, March 6, 2012


A friend from New York emailed the other day raving about this congee restaurant in Manhattan’s Chinatown where he intends to take me when I come over to visit.

I never liked congee.  I guess, it was because my parents fought my colds with it when I was young.  It was always the plain, tasteless kind.  I was a sickly child so one can only imagine how much of it I took with no complaints.  I do, however, love champurado, ginataang mais, ginataang mongo and  ginataang bilo-bilo. 

Much to my surprise, I’ve recently come to fancy congee and practically enjoy a bowl of it everyday for breakfast.  The reason:  Saffron’s congee station which allows me to add any ingredients I desire besides the usual century egg, regular boiled egg, scallions, ginger and fish balls.

Thus, my friend’s invite failed to arouse much interest, especially now that I think I eat the best congee in the world, plus the reviews I read about this congee restaurant’s poor service is much too discouraging since I am now used to the prevalent warm and gracious service here at Panglao’s restaurants. 

But then again, the distinctly New York phenomenon to be abused by the people you paid to perform a service, must have become so deeply ingrained in every New Yorker’s psyche; making it acceptable with least resistance, as I had meekly consumed the plain congee my parents fed me when I was a sickly child.

In my reply to my friend, I didn’t allude to having any plans to visit New York in the near offing, but I suggested that he and his family visit Bohol to get some sun and enjoy the congee station here at Saffron Restaurant.

seafood congee with crispy calamari and shredded chicken

seafood congee with steamed fish

congee with general tso's chicken, pork asado and steamed fish

special seafood congee

congee with beef steak and tempura chicken

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  1. I love congee, served plain but with a side dish of tokwa't baboy.

    1. That is delicious as well, bertN! Very traditional.

  2. wow, congee halo-halo! the last one with beef steak and tempura chicken sounds weird to me though.:p i always enjoyed the various toppings for congee at the breakfast buffet in a HK hotel where i usually stay for business trips. pero walang beef steak and chicken tempura! LOL

    1. Not weird at all, Luna ... it is absolutely delish! You see, I get the toppings from the buffet spread :)

  3. The congee with crispy calamari and shredded chicken looks delicious! I'm now craving for a congee fix!

  4. looks yummy..the toppings are so good :) was here from YS :)

  5. WHenever we go to a restaurant we always looked for congee for my youngest who's at that time was only 1 year old, she loves congee so much visiting from FTF. My entry is here Sahm’s Dining Diary

  6. OMG! They all look good! I would like to have that one with asado and the other bowl with seafood....

  7. All are so yummy! Visiting from YS this time here's mine thanks Sahm’s Dining Diary

  8. wow,i'm craving for congee with tokwa on the side.
    visiting for YS, hope you can visit me back


  9. I love Congee, with lots of roasted garlic!!!!

  10. I think the difference with our lugao [for eating while one is sick] is the lack of salt & flavour. When I was sick I have have had to eat this bland mixture of am & rice/lugao. But for everyday eating, our version of congee is more flavourful as the original version. I love the duck congee best of all... if only I could have it every breakfast!

    Mario aka JAK

  11. that looks very delish Brother :-) makes me drool :-) Visiting late from last weeks Yummy Sunday, hope that you can return the visit too.


  12. Visiting from last weeks Food Trip Friday this time Brother :-) never heard of congee but that looks yum :-) Hope that you can return the visit too.