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Most Holy Trinity Parish - Loay, Bohol

The Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Loay, Bohol, locally referred to as Santissima Trinidad Parish was established by the Recollects in 1799.  The church was built in 1822, the convent in 1838, and the bell tower in 1865. 

The church complex is built on a plateau facing the sea and near the mouth of the Loboc River. A flight of stairs connects the church complex to the rest of the town located below the hill. The vehicular entrance to the complex is via the road to Loboc.

The church has two facades; the older is decorated with low relief, while the newer was reinforced in concrete and completed in the 20th century. The whole is surmounted by cement statues depicting the virtues.  The bell tower is a separate structure built at a short distance from the church. 

Like many Bohol churches the interior is painted with trompe o'eil and with Biblical scenes. The altars are in the Neoclassical style.  But since these photos were taken on Good Friday, the altar of the church was completely obscured by curtains.

It should be noted that during the Spanish colonial times, the Church and State were regarded as one; thus, the churches not only promoted Christianity, they also exercised political power that enforced complete Spanish rule over the land.

Moreover, the unique architecture of the churches were not simply reflections of Spanish/Latin American architecture, these churches were designed to withstand rebellious attacks; giving them the appearances of formidable fortresses.

The parish organ was built by Diego Cera Organ in 1841.   It was restored in 1999 by Diego Cera Organbuilders of Las Pinas

    Address: Loay, 6303 Bohol, Philippines
    Phone: +63 38 538-9158; +63 38 501-1145
    Population: 10,337; Catholics: 10,161
    Titular: Blessed Trinity, Feast Day: Trinity Sunday;
    2nd Patron: St. Francis Xavier, Feast Day: Dec. 3

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