Friday, April 20, 2012

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center is one of the sanctuaries that conserves and raises the butterfly population in Bohol, which is host to approximately 300 butterfly species.  And among the goals of this sanctuary is to protect and strengthen the natural environment of the butterflies through plant research, breeding and releasing.

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center also seeks possibilities to bring money into the local economy by using butterflies and butterfly by-products. Local town folks have been taught a livelihood program on how to breed butterflies and at present, there is now a thriving community of breeders.

The breeding of common butterflies for export plus their by-products help to fund the Center’s host-plant research, development and the breeding of rare butterflies.  Only hand bred sources, not those captured from the wild, are used by the Center to protect the butterfly population. Only the surplus from these hand bred butterflies are used for making by-products for both the local and foreign markets. 

A large number of hand bred butterflies are also released into the wild from time to time thus increasing local population. 

SimplyButterflies Conservation Center in Bilar offers a tour of its sanctuary where visitors can observe and learn the whole life cycle of butterflies – from the courting stage, mating, laying of eggs; from a caterpillar, to a chrysalis, and finally into a wondrous butterfly!

Bilar is reported  to host 200 species of butterflies and the Center is always seeking effective methodologies  in breeding and conservqtion. An enclosure has been built to protect the butterflies from predators which can give them 70% survival rate. Outside, survival rate is only 2%. Several of its kind is enclosed in a 30 x 30 foot net, provided with flowering and host plants and water.

The other butterfly sanctuary in Bohol is at Sagbayan Peak.  It is a mountain resort and recreation center located in the town of Sagbayan, about 45 miles northwest of Tagbilaran City. They have a butterfly dome which houses about 18 species of these wondrous winged creatures. Flowering plants augment the inside of the dome with a very big man-made butterfly gracing the center.

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  1. Your photos are really stunning!

  2. looks and sounds like a very interesting and worthwhile place to visit...I love butterflies!

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