Friday, April 6, 2012

Bohol's Lenten Festival

The Lenten Festival in Bohol during the Holy Week is a solemn observation of silence, prayers, and Visita Iglesia.

There are also Lenten processions of the “Stations of the Cross,” the “Santo Entiero," and the “La Soledad”, a special procession in honor of the sorrowing Mother of God.  These are all held on the evening of Good Friday. Pilgrimage to Elley Hill is observed by some of the faithful during the Lenten season. 

In Loboc during Holy Thursday and Good Friday, there is "Pana-ad."  The Lobocanons read the pasyon and do a penitential procession through the way of the cross that ends at the place called "Cruz Daku," a huge cross 80 feet in height which is on top of the highest hill where one can view the neighboring towns including the city.

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  1. a blessed Good Friday....I'd love to visit Bohol one of these days...your blog is informative, and the photos are simply awesome...

  2. i wonder how the pasyon is read in your town. it frustrates me to learn from tv that some are done with a rap tone. couldnt get it. :-(