Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bohol's man-made forest

The Bohol man-made forest is truly a Boholanos’ labor of love.  It was created sometime in 1953 along both sides of a winding two-kilometer road that stretches from Loboc to Bilar. 

Mainly filled with mahogany trees, the uniformity in height of the trees, the spread of its branches, and the thickness and shapes of their leaves, give the forest its enchanting appeal. Some trunks are formidably thick, while others a mere few months in existence.  Seedlings supposedly abound around the older trees, but they may not be free for the taking. 

The roots of some of the mahogany trees along the road are partly exposed, which prevent soil erosion.  It is indeed a sight that gives nature lovers a reverence for the trees and a loathing for illegal logging that produces massive landslides.

Visitors are welcomed to explore the forest, wherein they will instantly feel the cooler temperature inside even on hot summer days.  That is because the leaves of the tall trees act like a group of umbrellas to protect the land below from the sun’s scorching rays.

This man-made forest is less than an hour’s drive from Tagbilaran City.

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  1. Lovely! How I wish there are more man-made forests like that in the Phils :)

  2. nice I've been there too :) and its really awesome :)