Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inspiring Quotes by Ernest Holmes

Here are ten inspiring quotes by Ernest Holmes:

1. Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.

2. The most destructive force you and I have – and the most constructive – is our own unconscious emotional and thinking and feeling state.

3. Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer.

4. There was a time when a man was so convinced that the world was round that he was determined to prove it.

5. You can attract only that which you mentally become and feel yourself to be in reality.

6. The road to freedom lies not through mysteries or occult performances, but through the intelligent use of natural forces and laws.

7. It is done to you as you believe.

8. Success and prosperity are spiritual attributes belonging to all people.

9. Declare the truth by telling yourself that there is nothing to be afraid of, that you no longer entertain any images of fear.

10. God gives some more than others because some accept more than others.

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  2. Great series of quotes!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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