Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Osang's Broas

Osang’s broas (ladyfingers) are made from the simplest ingredients: eggs, sugar and flour. The mixed ingredients are placed into a piping bag, and then piped in a strip onto a thin metal sheet, with the perfect length and width from each finger.

The sheet of10 fingers are placed in a stone oven with controlled heat coming from the charcoals below where the broas hardens and forms its shape. They are then cooled and packed into brown paper bags for delivery.

Osang is Rosa Clarion, after whom these awesome baked goodies are named.  The recipe for her special broas was originally developed in the 1800s by Osang’s aunt and was passed on to her. Osang then used it to start her small backyard business.

They hand mix all of their batters.  The slow mixing motion is the key to the consistency of their baked goods.  They mix very small batches of dough, using a maximum of only 6 eggs at a time. They can make up to 30 batches or so of dough on a given morning and only bake up until mid-day, after wards they are packed by the 100′s in paper bags and wrapped by thin plastic.

D’ Original Osang’s Homemade Pastries
Baclayon, Bohol, Philippines.
Telephone: (38)540-9072


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  1. One of my favorites from my childhood. I always dip it in coke :)

    Visiting from FTF!

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  2. Awesome photos! Great shot of the broas in the oven!

  3. we bought broas where i visited a couple of years ago. but didn't know it was a native Boholanon broas. broas is my mom's favorite.

    Kani Salad

  4. I've been trying to find some here in NZ. Susginoo... lalo tuloy akong nag-crave!

  5. Yummy! Broas make for nice pasalubongs!

  6. I still use broas for my refrigerated cake...my mom is from Bohol so, whenever mom visited her hometown, number 1 pasalubong is broas..hehe yummy. Visiting from FTF.

  7. love your post. I love broas so much. My aunt always brings lots of it whenever she comes home for christmas.yum yum! :)

  8. wow, that's nice to know how they do it...and ends up yummy. i miss having one. :) visiting late from FTF, see you around. thanks and have a great week as always! :)

  9. those are sweet treat that I want to try too :-) Dropping late from lasts weeks FTF