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It was introduced in the Philippines by the Spanish during the colonial era. The atis (sugar apple)  tree will grow easily in any tropical setting. After about a year's time, it will begin to bear fruit three times a year; the sweetest are those borne during the summer months.

Atis has scaly skin, while the taste of the fruit itself is slightly sweet and soft. Some claim its taste bears similarity to guyabano.

As for its curative properties, the seed contains a yellow, non-drying oil which is an irritant that can be used against lice. The unripe fruit is astringent and can be used for diarrhea, dysentery and dyspepsia, while the roots can be used as a potent laxative. The bark of its tree is astringent and tonic; whereas, crushing and smelling its fresh leaves help those who suffer from fainting spells.

The atis’ other health benefits according to Bureau of Plant Industry are:

1) The leaves are applied as a poultice to children with dyspepsia.
2) Crushed seeds with coconut oil are applied on the scalp to rid it of lice.
3) A decoction of the seeds is used as an enema for the children with dyspepsia.
4) The roots are considered a drastic purgative
5) The crushed seeds, in a paste with water, are applied to the scalp to destroy lice.
6) The unripe fruit is astringent, and is given in diarrhea, dysentery and atonic dyspepsia.
7) The bark, according to Nadkarni, is considered a powerful astringent and tonic.
8)  Externally the leaves, the unripe fruit, and the seeds (which contain acrid principle) possess vermicidal and insecticidal properties.

Read more about atis here.

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  1. i love atis. this just came to me as i was commenting - how about juicing the atis. i'm sure it would be yummy. have you heard of atis juice yet? or even atis smoothie being served?

    1. Not so much as juice or smoothie, but ice cream! Atis has become a popular icre cream flavor these days. By the way, I was told atis is now in season :)

  2. Atis was one of my favorite fruits when I was a kid because of its sweetness. Now, I rarely get to eat this one, though at times I long for it. Hopping from Food Trip Friday.

    1. This was my brother's favorite fruit, but he never got to taste it again since he moved to NYC and never got a chance to retire in the Philippines. He passed away due heart problems a few years ago. So in memory of his birthday, which is today, I thought I should feature atis.

      By the way, Jenn, I can't seem to post any comments on Wordpress-based blogs. Trying to find a solution. But here's my comment on your recent feature:

      "Wow! All that for less than P1000? How many in your party? The foods you featured seemed incredibly delicious and I am tempted to bring the family and friends there next time I'm in Manila. Thanks for sharing, Jenn."

  3. atis is one of my top 5 favorite fruits.:p
    i grew up eating atis...there were lots of atis in my grandfather's backyard. i don't like guyabano, atis tastes so much better.:p
    my grandmother said atis has de-worming properties--it tortured my sister big time when we were kids. LOL

    i love atis ice cream.:p

    1. Your grandfather has atis in the backyard? Wow! You were a lucky kid, Luna! I shouldn't laugh, but it's funny what happened to your sister.

      Guyabano I've learned to enjoy. It has anti-cancer properties.

  4. One of my fave when I was still living in Pinas.. Sarap naman:)

    Visiting from FTF- hope you can stop by:)

    1. It is supposedly in season now, but I am yet to find any. Anyway, so far, the best atis I've had came from Romblon.

  5. It looks like what we call custard apple - which I love - but is very expensive here.
    Thank you for visiting and your comments....and taking part in my giveaway:)

    1. It probably is, Lorik, since they refer to this as "sugar apple" in English.

      That is a fun "Giveaway," Lorik. Hope many will participate, especially the ladies, because you have such wonderful array of jewellery designs.

  6. I love atis! It's one of my favorite fruits!

    1. It's mine, too, Kriska, but haven't found any yet here in Bohol :(