Saturday, September 8, 2012

Helpful tips on moving heavy stuff

No wonder it's tough to play this game!

When moving heavy stuff, in general, pushing is easier and more effective than pulling.

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The following is a recent tip I received from them:

The key to moving something heavy by yourself is to use more brain than brawn. First make sure the item - including any protruding parts - will fit through openings and around corners. Then give careful thought to how you can do the job with the least strain. Once you decide on a strategy, be patient; going slowly may take time, but it may also prevent injury. If necessary, find a helper. 

Here are some tips:

Make a big box lighter by removing all or some of its contents.

If you are throwing the object out, or if it is fairly easy to reassemble, take it apart carefully and move it piece by piece.

When pushing something across the floor, put old newspapers, a blanket or a piece of cardboard under it. You'll protect the floor and the object will slide more easily.

To move a large object, such as a refrigerator, get behind it, lean it towards you, and walk it slowly from side to side.

To carry a box on your back, wrap a strap around it: a belt, large towel or blanket will do. Or make a loop of strong rope. Put one length around the box and hook the other around one bottom corner so that it passes under the box. Put your hands in the free ends of the loop.


To move a couch or anything else with legs, lay it on its back or side and slide it as much as you can.

Take the drawers out of a desk or dresser.

Heavy kitchen appliances, such as fridge freezers, dishwashers and washing machines, will slide across a vinyl floor more easily if you spray a little washing-up liquid on the floor first.

To move a bulky chair, turn it so you can put the seat on your head and then slowly stand upright with the back of the chair on your back. Balance the chair on your head. It is easiest to put the chair down with someone's help, but if you are alone, do it slowly and steadily, bending at the knees.


To get an object down a flight of stairs, use two boards as a ramp; slowly slide the object down the boards as you back down between them.

Or lay the object on a quilt or heavy blanket; control the descent with your shoulder as you back down, lifting the leading edge of the 'skid' slightly with both hands.


To get a trolley under a heavy object by yourself, put the trolley against the wall, then walk or slide the object to it; the wall will keep the trolley from scooting away.

Improvise a trolley with a child's toy cart, a skateboard or roller skates. Or invest in a low-loading trolley.

Or instead of a trolley, use lengths of piping or poles. Roll the object over them, and as those in the rear become free, move them to the front.

* * *

As for moving a piano in between floors or to a new home – whether an upright or grand model – better seek the assistance of professional movers.

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