Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flip Flops Flop

Flip-flops are good to wear in the health club locker room or at the community pool, because they can protect your feet against fungi and wart-causing viruses that can be acquired by walking around barefoot.   Flip-flops can also provide protection for your feet against the beach's hot sand, which might otherwise cause skin to burn and blister on your walk to the water.

But other than those scenarios, health-wise, flip-flops have limited use, this according to a special CNN report by Marina Csomor, in which she cites the National Foot Health Assessment 2012 released in June, indicating that 78% of adults 21 and older have experienced one or more foot problems in their lives. And one common culprit, especially during the summer, is the flip-flop.

She also mentions Bob Thompson, executive director for the Institute for Preventive Foot Health, who doesn't own a single pair of flip-flops and claims that despite the popularity, there are many risks involved with wearing flip-flops . "There's no heel support and structural support ... on that little slab of rubber," he said.

Although feet were designed to walk barefoot on Earth's natural surfaces (grass, sand or gravel), they were not prepared to endure the concrete, asphalt and steel that covers so many landscapes today, Thompson said. These unmovable surfaces are harsh on bare feet, and the thin rubber sole of many flip-flops does little to adequately absorb the shock they produce.

Whether you are standing still or in motion, your feet are your first point of contact with the ground. The way your feet are positioned provides the foundation for the body's skeletal alignment. A flat shoe provides little arch or lateral support and even slight shifts in stance over time could lead to misalignment, causing pain in the knees, hips and back.

With nothing to keep a wearer's foot in place, flip-flops can also lead to tumbles, twisted ankles and even broken bones.

"Everything in your body starts with how you strike your heel to the ground," Mr.Thompson said.  He also recommends padded, acrylic-blend socks, which wick moisture away from the foot, under properly fitted shoes that have plenty of toe room and support. 

In her CNN special report, Ms. Csomor also mentions Noreen Oswell, a podiatrist at The Foot Center at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers in Los Angeles who claims, “Wearing flip-flops can be seriously detrimental for people whose feet are already at risk: For people with diabetes, who often have poor circulation and feeling in their feet, wearing flip-flops can expose them not only to injury but to infection. Those with balance issues may find it hard to feel secure when wearing rubbery flip-flops. And for those suffering from obesity, sporting the unstructured shoe can add strain to feet that are already stressed with carrying extra weight.”

The real problem is that people are wearing flip-flops while doing everything from skateboarding to gardening to running errands, Dr. Oswell said. "It's not that they wear them," claims Dr. Oswell. "They overwear them."

Crocs, which have some structure, cushion and breathability, can be an easy alternative to flip-flops, while sandals with a substantial foot bed and softer and broader straps are also a better option, Dr. Oswell said.

Read the complete CNN special report by Marina Csomor here.

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  1. Those are comfy flip flops. I like wearing them too..

    Visiting for MYM- hope you can stop by..


  2. Still, flips are so casual and comfy! I love wearing them!

  3. Nagkaroon ako ng allergy pag gumamit ako nyan in the long run. Anyway, here in norway ay kagi malamig, kaya lagi shoes. Thanks for visiting my site kababayan. See you around.

  4. Love those flip flops. Although, beware. Last spring I caught the tip of my flip flop on the carpet and flew down 6 steps, breaking both my ankles. Did I toss mine in the trash? Nope, love those flip flops!

  5. They do look like very comfortable ones - we call them "thongs" here in Australia. I think just about everyone here owns a pair. I agree - great for public showers - at the pool, camping etc. And just perfect for the beach ! thanks for visiting:)

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  7. Very cool reflection and I do live in my flip flops from SoCal. Nice to meet you Tito! New follower.

  8. So, we should be more careful in choosing the right flip flops!
    Thanks for the visit :)

  9. I can't stand the things.

    Nice subtle touch of yellow.


  10. I don't know many old folks like myself that don't regret not taking better care of their feet. For most of us women it was the heels we wore everyday.

    I am always onto my grands and others about their choices of footwear. Unlike some appliances and machinery our bodys do not come with spare parts and once we were it out we have to live with the consequences. A lesson all young folks should learn at an early age.

    Like the old joke "If I had known I would live this long I would have taken better care of myself." The time to learn that lesson is while your young enough for it to matter.

  11. Beautiful photos. Love the reflection shot.

  12. in NZ, we call them Jandals, for Japanese Sandals, in Malaysia, it is slippers. Nice and cool, but too casual.

  13. My husband can't understand why I had to wear those. He ask me how I could walk with those and I said it's easy just clip your two toes on the thong hahahaha.

    Kim, USA

  14. I love wearing flip flops. It is so comfy on my feet.

    Visiting you from MYM.

    Have a great day!

  15. An intriguing post! I really don't like them! (We call them thongs in Australia!) I never feel comfortable!

  16. What an interesting post for the day! I can't wear them these days, but then at my age that probably isn't too surprising! Hope you have a great weekend!

  17. The title is excellent, the article is very interesting and the relfection picture is perfect. What else ?! :)