Saturday, August 4, 2012

Letting God Be God

In your subconscious mind is the creative process of the ages, the process which every successful person has used.

It cannot refuse to serve you. It has no favorites, and it knows no limitations. It awaits your demand that it acts. Upon your demand, it proceeds to fulfill this demand without stress or strain. The mental machinery of your subconscious mind moves into action in orderly ways and draws upon resources far greater than the conscious mind could ever know. No wonder that modern metaphysicians call this function of mind "God." They sense the magnitude of its ability and they use this tremendous creative potential to produce what they want in life.

All of this is already in you. The great use it. The non-great do not, so they remain the non-great.

Decide upon some thing – situation or condition – that you want right now in your present life. Be definite in this decision. Do not limit your decision by investigating the probable reasons why it will never happen. That is the detour to nothing. All false speculations of defeat have to be ruled out of your consciousness. If they enter into the decision for even a fleeting moment, the decision is robbed of authority and the subconscious mind cannot act upon it. You do not need to know how the final result will come to pass. That is the function of the subconscious. It has ways and means that, if they were known, would stagger the intellect.

Say to your subconscious:

"This is my decision. I now authorize you to accomplish this. I have total confidence in your abilities and resources. I authorize this without any reservation. I do not place this demand in a framework of time or condition. It is a free demand now established in my subconscious mind. This mind now has it clearly."

Then relax and let your subconscious have free reign. Keep clear of all doubt. Keep clear of all worry. God, in your subconscious as your subconscious, is the power and the mind that accomplishes your desire.

Let God be God, and keep your hands off the process.

Your subconscious will reveal to your conscious mind directions to take and ways to proceed. Idea will follow idea in perfect order and sequence. You become the observer of the creative process now taking place in you. From the observation point in the conscious mind, you watch what you wanted to have happen, happen. You are under no strain.

You are the observer and the participant.

by Raymond Charles Barker

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