Saturday, June 30, 2012

Aloe Vera

Some months back, I cut my hand from a broken glass.  Immediately, I placed my hand under running water for a minute or two to cleanse it.  I then asked someone to cut me a piece from a stem of an aloe vera plant growing along the fence.  I squeezed and rubbed the juice out of that piece of aloe vera right on the wound.  Afterward, I covered it with gauze.  I did this for a couple of days until the wound healed without any mark or scar.

I learned about aloe vera as first aid treatment against cuts and bruises from a friend whose son had a motorcycle accident.  She told me that she squeezed and rubbed aloe vera on his cuts and wounds on his face, arms and legs.  She did this  with patience and great care for several days until every cut and wound was healed – without any scar.

If aloe vera is not available, virgin coconut oil is supposedly just as effective as first aid treatment against open wounds.  I have not tried this personally, but several Boholano friends attest to the effectiveness of virgin coconut oil as first aid treatment.

You can read more about the benefits of aloe vera here.

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  1. this is interesting info. i do not have aloe vera plants around the house but i have virgin coconut oil.