Monday, June 25, 2012

Another door opens

It almost has to completely come apart before something 
new and beautiful can spring up.

                                                                                       Sister Margie Hennings

Sister Margie Henninger was expelled from the Order of St. Joseph and excommunicated for affiliating with those not-Roman Catholics in Rochester, New York. She now runs Grace of God Recovery House, a recovery house for the drug- and alcohol-afflicted.

The following is a brief excerpt from Bill Keller's NYT article:

“It was certainly painful, after 42 years,” she told me. “I lost my community. I lost my home. I lost so much. But, God being God, I gained much more.”

At 71, Sister Margie feels deeply Catholic, very much in harmony with her conscience, and happy. And of the Roman church she left behind, she says: “It almost has to completely come apart before something new and beautiful can spring up.”

There are many nuns who hold fast to the church out of genuine devotion. But there are others who stay out of fear — fear that they will grow old alone, fear of penury and homelessness, fear of losing purpose.

Read the complete New York Times article.

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  3. Intriguing frieze and lovely story.....a friend and I were just discussing the saying about one door closing and another opening yesterday, and, voila, Sister Hennings said it even better.....thanx for the 'coincidence'...

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