Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sugar Addiction

I love sweets.  As a kid, my mother often asked the party hosts if I may allowed to have a small plate of the desserts first; after which, I'd crave for some of the regular fare.  Otherwise, I'd just play with my cousins and friends and forego eating altogether.

Passing through the food stalls at the food courts of the local malls, I'd drool over the sweet delicacies more so than the regular dishes.  And I'd always have a bag of chocolates and candies when going to the movies.

At my advanced age, I am surprised that I had not developed diabetes, or other lingering illnesses due to excessive sugar consumption.  Nonetheless, I make extra effort these days to curtail such eating habits.

As medical experts declare, the only thing good about sugar is that it tastes good.  Other than that, sugar has zero nutrients and only poisons the body.
When my nephew developed serious ulcer problems, his doctor told him to eliminate sugar from his diet, except for fructose from whole fruits.  He recovered without resorting to medication.  The same prescription applies to those suffering from diabetes.  Unfortunately, sugar is in almost everything we eat these days.  And most of us, can't do without it.

Be that as it may, the following excerpt is from Mystic Visions’ The Sugar Addicts Anonymous:

Most of us don't realize it, but we are drug addicts. Our drug comes in a pure, white crystal or powder form. We use it even when we don't know we're doing it. It's in salad dressing, peanut butter, soup, pickles, bread, jam, yogurt, canned fruits and vegetables. 

We crave it after every meal. On an average, each of us consumes about 130 lbs. per year. What is this controversial drug, you ask. It goes by many names, but the most common is sugar.

This deliciously sweet substance is also deliciously devoid of any nutritional value. Sugar passes through the wall of the stomach so quickly that it causes blood sugar levels to skyrocket, then plummet just as rapidly. I'm sure you are familiar with the feeling.

The problem that arises in coping with sugar addiction is that sugar is in so many common foods now, it's practically impossible to cut it out completely. You can't eat a sandwich without getting sugar from the bread or the mayo. You can't eat a salad without getting sugar from the dressing.

Beating sugar addiction may seem like a hopeless battle, but just like any drug addiction, you have to have a structured plan to win the war. I make no claims that it will be an easy battle. You won't be vomiting in back alleys or shivering in bed all night, but you will have the uncontrollable desire for something, anything that will give you your sugar fix.

Check out the 12 Step Program to Beating Sugar Addiction by James Keller. Good luck!

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  1. Man, I have a serious sugar addiction too, thanks for the great post on controlling sugar...

  2. i love sweets, too...growing up in Negros where all kinds of sugar were available in the house, we learned to concoct sweet snacks and desserts all year round. no wonder most from my mother's side of the family are diabetics. but as i grow older, i try to stay away from sugar--although friends tell me i make the sweetest coffee!:p

  3. I don't love sweets that much. I indulge once in a while if there is an occasion. But it is true that almost every food we eat has sugar :(. And here in the Philippines, sugar-less food are much more expensive than those than those that have it.

  4. sweets and delish treats to munch :-) Dropping by from FTF