Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obesity among Pinoy kids

According to pediatrician Dr Sioksoan Chan-Cua, most Filipinos perceive plumpness in a child as good because it is “cute,” and it is a sign that the parents are not being remiss in their duty.  “What these parents do not know,”says Dr. Chan-Cua, “is that it’s like a time bomb in the body.” And diffusing the time bomb becomes more difficult through time.

Dr Chan-Cua have long been concerned about the increase in the number of obese children. She deals with illnesses related to growth and metabolism, and claims this is no recent trend, having noticed a growing number of obese children as early as a decade ago. Today she says, “In just one of my clinics, one whole drawer (of medical files) is for obese patients.”

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