Monday, October 1, 2012

A charming enclave along the highway

There's a charming village located in Barangay Dao in Dauis, Bohol.  It is a few meters from the corner that leads to Bohol Bee Farm.  This enclave features a cafe and restaurant that also offers affordable rooms from P295 to P495 a night.  It is called Cafe de Bohol.   

This appears to be a refreshment and snack bar being built a few steps from Cafe de Bohol,  and it should be up and running pretty soon.  A cool roadside eatery.  Next to it is a fruit stall.

Belcris Deli Shop  offers fine processed meats, such as bacon and ham, including frozen seafoods like salmon.  A number of luxury resorts at Panglao Island buy their supplies here.                

This stall sells bananas right off from the owner's trees at the back.  I buy my bananas here because this small scale backyard gardening assures me that none of those toxic chemicals are used -- fertilizers, fungicide or pesticide.

However, those one-liter bottles of Coke do not contain the usual soft drinks.  They contain gasoline.  You see, gas stations are quite a ride either way.  Thus, if your gas is low, better fork over 70 pesos for a liter to get you to Caltex or Petron to fill up at regular prices.  Most of her customers, she told me, are motorcyclists.

Value added factor that manang offers is her store remains open until midnight  The gas stations usually close up shop earlier.     

There are also some firewood available at manang's sari-sari store just in case you plan on cooking some bulalo.  To tenderize the beef, which could take some time, most folks use firewood instead of the more expensive gas tanks.

To the left of manang's store, is Ayhee's Bake Shop.  It is by far, the best bakery in Dauis and Panglao Island geared for the masses.  They have all sorts of baked goods for a measly 2-pesos a piece -- mini hopiang baboy, pan de coco, pan de leche and etc.  Their pandesal is not too bad, either, for 2 pesos each.  And the fresh loaf of sandwich bread (locally referred to as Tasty bread) is only P32.00.

But what's even more surprising, in this bake shop, they offer pasalubong treats that are truly unique. 

There is the specially-blended and packaged Cafe de Bohol 5-in-1 coffee powder mix, which contains mangosteen and agaricus mushroom extracts. The price is about P110.00 per box of 10 packs of 21 gram sachets.

There is also the Cafe Latte de Bohol which is a chocolate and coffee mix.  This is pricier at P140.00 a box, which contains 10 packs of 21 gram sachets.

An herbal tea concoction is also available: Mayor's Remedy Herbal Tea.  It supposedly contains substantial amounts of healthful compounds known as polyphenols and numerous minerals and trace elements.      

And Suconut is their healthy coco sugar offering.  Their prices: 250 gram pack - P100; one kilo pack - P200; and 2 kilo pack - P400.00.

All these products are manufactured by Suconut Philippines, headed by Mr. Luciano A Bungalos.  From what I was told, he was the former mayor of Dauis, Bohol.  Most folks call him Mayor; hence, Mayor's Remedy Herbal Tea.

He has an office in Makati: (+63) 917-842-1954

This village is a few meters from this junction, and all establishments 
featured are walking distances from one another.

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