Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Photo Essay: Buhay Bukid - Part 2

* * *

All images taken at Bohol Coco Farm

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  1. I really enjoyed this tour of the farm. It looks like a very peaceful and productive place! I would love to sit under the palm(?)roof and take it all in.

    1. The material used for roofing is called “cogon,” Karen. It’s very cool, but extra care must be be given … it is very combustible.

      Farm living can be a simpler, healthier option, but not for everyone. But retirees, it can be an idyllic place.


  2. this is the way of life that all of us wanted. my friends know that someday i want to be a goat farmer :)

  3. Simple yet healthy, Photo Cache. They say goat-raising is a lucrative venture, too.