Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Manifesting inner desires of good

I told her she should create a special place where she can completely be herself. It might be a room in her house, or at a park near her home. It might even be a sidewalk table at a neighborhood tavern where she can sit and quickly sketch the faces of people as they walk by. It might also be a table at Starbucks where she can scribble uplifting thoughts. It can be the comfortable lounge chair in her parents’ living room where she can hug an overstuffed pillow.

The only criterion here is it should be a place she can experience what she is and what she might become; a place to roam her field of dreams.

I told her to think of ideal conditions that she wants to manifest in her life. It might be about a more fulfilling love life, or the financial independence she has been longing for. I urged her to begin actualizing those desires by creating detailed mental movies about them. And that she should save them in a special place in her mind for her to return to and expand upon on a regular basis.

And while engaged in such mental exercises, in case unwanted thoughts begin to disturb her consciousness, I told her to keep her eyes closed and remain focused on her breathing. She should then count the first inhale as one, the exhale as two, and so forth; return to one again after the tenth count. 

Should those negative thoughts persist, I advised her to firmly but silently utter the word, “Stop!” And to keep saying it until she regains total control of her thoughts. After which, resume her breathing exercises, but on a slower pace. I told her to do this for about 10 minutes, or for whatever length of time she is comfortable with.

When she likened it to meditation I said, “Sort of, but it’s more like setting the stage for a magical life.”  When she asked who powers this magic, with a smile I told her, “You do, because your inner desires of good are God’s desires for you.”

* * *


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  1. These are lovely thoughts, Tito, and so true. It is our thoughts and the direction we take them that guides our lives forward.

    Thank you for visiting me and leaving such nice comments. I am now following.



    1. And this article I posted to remind us to make good use of such gifts.

      Many thanks, Karen!

  2. I can appreciate the lady's navy blue dress, but I do not agree with the video.

    Happy Blue Monday, Tito.

  3. I like the dress too!

    My BLUE
    Your comment is always a delight to read.

  4. Control over breathing has lot of benefits, Nicely explained.

    1. I completely agree with you, Indrani! Many thanks ;)

  5. i have produced thousands of MTV's in my mind.:p
    it's my favorite past time when i'm bored, stuck in traffic, or couldn't sleep. this is an interesting video--was that Stephen Hawking before the wine glass?:p

    "...your inner desires of good are God’s desires for you." really?:p

    1. "...your inner desires of good are God’s desires for you." really?

      That has become one of my mantras since the early 90s, Luna, and I deeply believe in it; otherwise, I would have never thought of such good things in my life.

      Keep producing those videos in your mind, for as they say, thoughts manifest themselves. And check out out how successful you are with your endeavors :)