Sunday, October 7, 2012

Great Religions Differ Little in Principle

If we were to examine the basic principle of the great religions of the world, we would not find as much difference as might be expected. Each points to one central life from whose self-existence all draw their livingness and without which nothing could exist.

All truth is our truth. No man robs us of our own soul, and our spirit is already one with the eternal Goodness. Everyman’s belief is good so far as it is in line with Reality. We have no controversies with anyone. As we claim freedom, so we extend its privileges to everyone else; we will give and accept on no other terms. We are scientific searchers for that Truth which makes man free, and we know that we have found entrance to It.

The past is behind and whatever doubt it may have held is gone with it. The future is before, bright with prospects; the eternal sun of righteousness is ever ascending, never to descend. Let us look toward the high goal of lasting attainment, fearless and happy. Let us live in the present, looking neither backward in horror, nor forward with apprehension—but looking into the present with joy—“Abiding in Faith.”

                                                                              Ernest Holmes

 * * *

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