Friday, October 12, 2012

Pan De Sal Bakeshop and Eatery, NYC

Pandesal galore!

Pandesal stuffed with Adobo

Beef steak: pandesal sandwich stuffing
I am yet to visit in person this Manhattan bake shop and eatery located at 21st Street and Second Avenue.  You see, it was established after I've moved back to the Philippines.  I had discovered it online and was simply enamored by the photos of their pandesal stuffed with typical Pinoy viands and various mouth-watering baked goods.

However, I do intend to make it my first stop once I go back to New York.  In fact, getting a pad somewhere in Union Square would be ideal so I could be near this Filipino bake shop. How delightful that would be.

From what I understand, besides chicken adobo, they offer myriad sumptuous stuffing for their pandesal, such as pate, corned beef, beef steak, white fish salad, and Spanish ham to name a few.

And based on the photo of their chiller filled with assorted Belgian, French and Filipino cakes, pies and various sweet treats, Pan De Sal is a full-pledge high quality bake shop. Wouldn't it be something to spend an afternoon tasting each one while sipping a steaming mug of their LavAzza coffee or iced tea?

Pan De Sal also offers buffets for lunch ($12) and dinner ($15).
Chiller of assorted Filipino, French and Belgian sweet treats

Vanilla cupcakes

Purple yam desserts

Assorted chocolate cupcakes

Ube roll

Ginataan ube (purple yam with tapioca)

Pan de Sal’s proprietors Marissa and Henry Beck

Pan de Sal: NYC’s trendy eatery, bake shop

Pan de Sal, one of New York City’s elegant and homey patisserie and resto bar owned by the husband and wife team of Marissa and Henry Beck, continues to draw Gramercy area residents and neighbors for over a year now with its traditional Filipino delicacies and decadent treats, and a very charming ambiance.

Guests can enjoy homemade Filipino dishes from chicken adobo to embotido, as well as daily Filipino, French or Belgian breakfast.

After a hearty meal, diners can enjoy a wide variety of fresh pastries and specialty cakes paired with the famous Lavazza Italian coffee.

It’s a perfect place for intimate get-togethers among friends or private party for small offices or Pinoy groups in the Big Apple.

Open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Pan de Sal is located at 245 East 21st Street and 2nd Avenue (212.228.8273). 


Note: All photos courtesy of Pan De Sal, NYC

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    1. That was what caught my attention immediately, too :)

  2. I'll keep that place in mind when I visit NY. Hot pan de sal, with or without stuffings, is always a gustatory delight for me.

    1. So true, bertN! As is and hot are just as good to feast on with a cup of hot coffee :)