Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Art Cafe at ChArts Resort

This is truly a cool cafe!  I've been passing by this place so many times, admiring its whimsical architecture, and saying to myself, "I have got to go in there and check it out one of these days."  And I did one morning.  

I had already eaten breakfast earlier and merely wanted to see its menu.  However, once I got seated on one of the tables out in the veranda, I just felt so cozy that I ordered a buko pandan shake to give me a legitimate reason to stay longer. 

When the shake was served, I pulled out a book to read a couple pages, but indolence was simply too engulfing.  I just wanted to kick back and relax; enjoy the surroundings and take in all the wonderful artworks around me.

Art Cafe serves an array of breakfast and lunch treats. It closes at 6:00 pm, hence, no dinner menu.  Nevertheless, I plan to drop by on weekend afternoons for snacks and WiFi.

ChArts Resort

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