Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bo's Coffee

This was my first time to step into a Bo's Coffee shop.  The barista must've known immediately I was a first-timer, for confusion was probably etched on my face as I tried to unravel their menu.  "Hot or cold, sir?" was his question, which I thought was rather smart of him.  I said, "Cold."  And after one more question from him, I was enjoying a grande mocha froccino primo.  

I found myself a seat and perused the pages of the fancy and glossy magazines from Cebu, which they have on a magazine rack for the reading pleasure of their customers.  After a couple of minutes,  I realized how Bo's whole ambience -- the walls' colors, furniture, pastries, my mocha, and etc. -- somehow made me feel like I was in Starbucks instead. 

Bo's Coffee certainly got the Seattle coffee giant down pat!

Without Starbucks in Bohol, Bo's will do and I've been going to this ICM branch ever since then.  I used to finish my trip at ICM by having an ice cream cone next door, but now it has been mocha froccino primo.

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  1. looks very cozy. sarap tambayan yan.

  2. As cozy as in any Starbucks, PC! hehehe ...

  3. It'd have been nice if Bo's Cafe won't charge us if we use their power outlet for laptop purposes.

    1. Jeez ... I didn't know that. And how much do they charge?