Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bread Talk

I love bread! Actually, I love baked goods – bread, rolls, muffins, pastries, cakes and all!
And my love for it since childhood eventually compelled me to take baking lessons – certification programs, mind you – at a skills-development school in Diliman, Quezon City, sanctioned by TESDA

The only class I never got to attend was Cake Decorating.  Somehow, my dabbling in computer programming with all that typing made me lose my script-writing skills.  Anyway, I never got to further practice my newly-acquired baking skills, because the equipment and tools I needed were too costly, especially for someone into it for mere pleasure.

Nonetheless, I’m always on a lookout for good bakeries and pastry shops wherever I go.  Unfortunately, here in Panglao Island, there isn’t much of it. But then I met a master baker right here in the island – Baker Mar.  Like two kindred spirits, we'd incessantly talk about baking whenever running into each other.

The last time my cousin from Subic came to town, she stayed at Amorita where Baker Mar works, and she and I got to enjoy some of Baker Mar’s creations at Saffron’s breakfast buffet.  And when my cousin flew back home, she took back with her a couple boxes of Baker Mar’s dinner rolls – for her own gastronomic pleasure, as well as for pasalubong.  They’re that good!

By the way, Baker Mar is the only Pinoy baker I know who is adept with European bread-making; hence, he can easily whip up some bagels and bialys – my favorites when in Manhattan.  You see, Baker Mar was once the head baker at the New York Bagel Coffee Shop in tony Alabang.

Here are some of Baker Mar's creations:

Dinner rolls


Red Mongo




The baked goods featured above are served at Saffron's breakfast buffet. 

Black Forest

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  1. Hey, you will make a good tour guide of Panglao. Haven't been there but heard much of it.

  2. Still have much to discover and share through this blog ... not yet ready as prime time tour guide. On the other hand, Seggy, I've a feeling you will soon be here at Panglao -- taking some wonderful photographs -- and sharing a cup of coffee with me ... hehehe!

  3. Tito Eric

    My island hopping days have long ended. The only place I go to (once in a blue moon)is at San Juan Batangas. Here is a cool resort
    No, I am not promoting the place.


  4. And speaking of tours, Carlos Celdran's type of tour guiding triggered my earlier comment. He is entertaining

  5. Yes, Carlos! He's a friend and have taken most of his tours. Truly entertaining. Same with Ivan Mandy who also does Intramuros, but has fabulous Chinatown food tour.

    Haven't actually made a general announcement of this new site of mine; am still in the process of posting as much content until then, Perhaps, before the end of the year. Still have much to discover beyond the usual beaches and attractions.

    That Palm Beach Resort looks nice! Thanks for the tip, Seggy!

  6. i love bread too! from the ones sold at sosi bread shops at the malls to the ones at the nearest friendly bakery. the breads you posted here look so yummy! coffee is definitely a must with these.

  7. Yes, coffee, indeed. Next I'll feature is my favorite Pinoy bakery here in Panglao.