Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dive Shops along Alona Beach

There’s probably more shops in the Alona Beach area I might have missed because they’re tucked inside some resorts’ lobbies, but will add as I discover them.  For those featured on this post, I had added the links to their sites where available.  As for all the open water diving articles online, the excerpt below is my favorite:

There are many skills required to dive. The basics are the mechanics, such as the assembly of the equipment, and the physical, such as swimming, etc. However, the real art of scuba diving comes from the effortless gliding through the water, being one with nature, and the vivid experience of the dive. We refer to this as the zen of diving.

Many people think that the best diving experience is when the conditions of the dive are perfect, flat sea, good visibility, and sightings of a variety of marine life. But some of the best dives we have had were in less than best conditions. The dive was a realization of what we have visualized, where we were at ease and controlled the dive rather than the dive controlling us.

Many people ask us how to get to the next level, to reach the ultimate plateau of the Zen of Diving. One of the first steps is to achieve good buoyancy. Perfect buoyancy is a pillar of the zen fundamentals of diving. One way to learn good buoyancy is by taking a course such as the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course. The essential skills of proper weighting, streamlining and trim, as well as more advanced skills such as breath control and visualization are covered during the course.

Bohol Oceanic Adventures

Tropical Divers

Genesis Divers

Sea Explorers

Sierra Madre Divers

Mr. Divers Dive Center

5 Star Dive Center
Val-M Dive Shop

Scuba World

Alona Divers

Blue Planet Diving

BM Diving & Island Hopping

Philippine Fun Divers

Bohol Divers Club

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