Monday, December 26, 2011

Island City Mall

Now that all presents have been unwrapped and every stocking unstuffed, where else is there to head to with the entire family but to ICM – the Island CityMall.  Located in Tagbilaran City, it is the largest shopping mall and cinema, though no bigger than SM City Manila near Manila City Hall.

This photo essay will show many of the significant merchants here, but I will feature separately during the upcoming week some eateries in this mall.

A word about Bruno Mars:  I like the guy.  I may be an old fogey, but I like good music whatever its genre. And I happen to like Bruno Mars' music and collaborative efforts with other contemporary artists.  I think he's a fine songwriter, too.  As long as he remains focused on his art, I absolutely think he'll go far and become a billionaire.       

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  1. Bench endorser na rin pala si Bruno Mars.:p
    I'd like to check out Prawn Farm--mukhang masarap jan. my friends spent a few days in Bohol last week, came back on Saturday. dami nilang masasayang kwento. i was in Bohol many years ago...hopefully, will be able to return next year.

  2. I don't want to sound like the Tourism honcho, but Bohol is truly sweet, Luna!

  3. nice to have a mall like that nearby. I imagine it is not as crowded as Manlla. I'm thinking of retiring in my home province in the future- Negros Occ - but we shall see. If not full time maybe part time.

    As for Bruno Mars, he is definitely talented both in the singing and composing departments. He had composed hits for some other artists.

  4. Do it part time, bw, so your entire family will get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Now that I'm in Bohol, I intend to travel throughout the Visayas and truly take in its beauty.