Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chow King

This was my favorite Chinese dim sum and short order eatery in Manila until I mastered the streets and alleyways of Chinatown in Binondo like the back of my hand, and discovered its various eateries.  And now, here in Bohol, it has once again become my favorite whenever at Island City Mall and suddenly find myself craving for some dim sum.

Of more significance, Chow King, unlike the other nationally-known and popular fast food restaurants that came to Bohol, has not succumbed to the locals' penchant for saltiness.  
All my favorites from Chow King's menu taste just the way they do in Manila.  That is why, for a quick merienda, I'd often head on over to Chow King for its lumpiang Shanghai and pork tofu.  But for lunch (as in photo on top), I'd add a bowl of wanton soup and at times, siomai, too.  All that for less than 150 pesos.  Chow King's lumpiang shanghai, by the way, has got to be the best I've ever tasted in the country.

Apparently, Chow King seems to have turned a huge number of locals into regular patrons, which explains why it is always crowded.

Lumpiang Shanghai and Pork Tofu

Lunch time

Chow King at its opening hour (Ground Floor -- ICM)

However, when craving for even better Chinese food, I go to Shiang Ma Nou

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  1. every other saturday i take mom to chowking for their tapsilog. i also like their chicken meal. i haven't yet tried their dimsums.

  2. Dim sum at Chow King I like the most. They taste all right and the price is right.