Monday, January 23, 2012

The Dragon's Feast

To welcome the Year of the Water Dragon in a grand manner as it ought to be, Saffron Redstaurant & Bar was transformed last night as if to resemble an imperial dining hall, while the buffet tables were lavished with traditional Chinese delicacies and special dishes served especially during grand occasions.  

It was indeed a sight beholding abundance and prosperity.  The pictures of the sumptuous dishes in this photo essay, however, are but a mere fraction of what was prepared for the guests to feast on as they ushered in the Year of the Dragon.

The Dragon, though mythic, has always been regarded by the Chinese as the most powerful figure in their zodiac system, and Saffron was able to make such distinction come alive with its Chinese New Year’s Eve Buffet.  Certainly, the Emperor must have been very pleased!

White sesame chicken and pork asado

Braised cold beef


Golden Prawn Ball

Chicken hot salad

Shanghai Chow Mein

* * *

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  1. nagutom naman ako bigla, hehehe. kahit sa siomai at prawn ball solb na ko...