Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reading Project at Tawala

It is a weekly community service endeavor by the staff of Amorita Resort.  The intension is to convey to the kids of Tawala Elementary School the value of reading.  

Volunteer readers from the resort read to the the kids a couple of children’s books.  And although they are in English, the volunteers translate them in bohol-anon (local Visayan dialect) in animated manner so as to engage the kids.

Ms. Leah of Amorita plans to expand the presentations in the near future by using audio/visual equipment, and even basic puppetry, if possible; that is, anything essentially helpful so as to further stimulate the curiosity, interest and participation of the kids in the joys of reading and storytelling. 

In addition, from what I was told, there will be other activities in the offing, such as drawing and various arts and crafts fun stuffs.

Last week’s initial effort proved successful.  The kids were completely engrossed as Ms. Cherry and Ms. Ivy read to them Beauty and the Beast and Three LittlePigs.  Turns out, most of these kids have pigs in their yard; thus, when asked what books they would want to be read to them in the future, the consensus was more on farm animals. 

As for the Beauty and the Beast, at first I thought it was a bit too heavy for these local first graders.  I was wrong.  They were very much involved with the story as it was read and translated to them.

Although it wasn't television, the kids appeared just as riveted

Ms. Ivy and Ms. Cherry as readers and translators

Ms. Leah prepping the kids for the reading session

The entire group with their teacher Mrs. Pernia

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  1. This is a great advocacy. Maybe if we can get more Pilipino children oriented books that are more closer to the reality of the children in Bohol. Maybe they can write their own versions of Boholano legends, childrens' stories, etc.

    1. Yes ... yes ... yes!

      Thank you so much for sharing our vision, Mario. That is exactly the goal. And thank you for the books you will be donating to these kids. And of course, I will regularly keep you apprised of the project's progress and the kids' development!

      Maraming salamat!

    2. Wonderful idea about them writing their own versions of the legends.

      This can be a good follow-up activity to the story-telling sessions. The children can even make finger puppets, make a small stage for a production of these puppets or have dramatization of the story read to them. Pasensiya na po, teacher instinct kicking in :)

    3. A wonderful idea, Julie! I shall definitely share your comment with the group. Maraming salamat din!