Monday, January 9, 2012


About a week before last Christmas, I went to Tagbilaran City to do some grocery shopping. When I was about to reach the corner of the BQ Mall building, I stopped dead on my tracks, my mouth agape and eyes wide open.  I could not believe that McDonald’s had once again opened for business after having been closed for renovation for some weeks.

I quickly crossed the street, almost getting run over by a tricycle, but I didn’t mind.  I have got to have a sausage egg McMuffin with a side of hash brown and a cup of coffee!
And as I feasted on my breakfast, I started feeling simultaneously giddy and silly like some deranged junkie now enjoying his long-deprived fix.  I went back there for lunch on that same day. I asked for a Big Mac and upsized to large everything else.  I also added an apple pie to my order.  I didn’t care even if the entire meal tabulated several pounds of trans-fat and a gazillion calories. 

Indeed, I was acting contrary to the infallibly cool image of a wise elderly gentleman, for I ought to know better than binge on – what knowledgeable and nutritious-conscious folks would deem as – “junk food.”  It didn’t matter, for I was deliriously happy at that very moment.

Food can do that to anyone.  And that’s why it’s so hard to go on a diet and lose weight.  As soon as certain foods become forbidden, your mind immediately goes on an overdrive; urging you mercilessly to consume those foodstuffs that you are now being deprived of.
I have no problem with excessive weight.  What I have is a dilemma with extremely salty foods as is the trend here in Bohol.  And the only respite from such, in my case, is comfort foods like those from McDonald’s and Chow King.  Pizza from Yellow Cab will do as well, but there is no branch here in Bohol.  But on top of it all, what puzzles me most, is how Boholanos remain impervious to the side effects of high salt intake.  God bless them!

Be that as it may, I profusely thank God for these fast food merchants; otherwise, I’d be relegated to the receiving end of fierce stares (from the wait staff of the local food eateries around here) as I sheepishly ask, “Not salty, please.” 

Now, I wonder if Burger King and Yellow Cab will someday open a branch here in Tagbilaran City?

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  1. I know the feeling Eric - I just had a double whopper from Hungry Jacks [Burger King] last Sunday. I just this craving for a greasy laden burger!


  2. Come to think of it, Mario, Burgers from Burger King are tastier because they are supposedly grilled. Wish a branch will open here in Bohol.

    But I think we deserve to indulge in this kind of food every now and then :)

  3. hahahaha! na excite sa McDo!
    ako naman sa Wendy's, wala rin malapit na branch dito sa aming liblib na barrio.:p at least we have Yellow Cab and Pizza Hut plus Army & Navy. hehehe wish ko magka Brother's Burger dito sa amin.

  4. I miss Yellow Cab!

    Tama ka, Luna. At para ako talagang nasapian ng kung anong ispiritu na yun. Hindi naman ako ganyan sa Manila, hahaha! Sunday balik uli ako sa Tagbi para mag-McDo :)

  5. hi Senior Enrique! good to have found your blog again hehehe...and what the &&^% are doing there in bohol? and, are Eric now (enrique, eric..hmmm...makes sense)..

    I miss the good old posts of yours =D

    your avid fan,

  6. Convalescing, dops! Joke!

    Yup, I'd be appeasing those who once suspected me of trying to pass off as an "ilustrado" for my having used "senor." Hehehe!

    The tri-district of Sta. Cruz-Binondo-Quiapo is more compact and dynamic, which was easier to navigate and obtain infinite blog posts. Whereas, in comparison, Bohol is larger and more spread out, and requires more time to get familiar with and to gather blog materials. But hopefully, I'd get to know its nuances and various areas of interests, and eventually come up with interesting posts.

    Thanks for dropping by!