Thursday, January 5, 2012

Troubled Water

This water fountain is not to be found in Panglao Island or Tagbilaran City.  You’ll find it in Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila.  There are numerous water fountains in Metro Manila, including a uniquely-modern version behind the administration building of University of Santo Tomas.  And of course, the historical Carriedo water fountain.

The only water fountain I’ve come across to date in Bohol is in Rizal Park in Tagbilaran City (photo below).  But it appears to contain merely what’s left of some accumulated rain water.  And nobody seems to remember when the last time this fountain was spewing out water to delight the town people.

From what I was told, water is expensive in Panglao Island because every barangay must have its own water purification system, or get its supply of fresh water from Tagbilaran City.  Supposedly, this issue triggers some intense political debates; hence, many barangays, to this day, are still without a steady supply of fresh water.  However, there are those fortunate enough to have a deep well of fresh water within their property. 

Even the prominent resort hotels and various dining establishments in Panglao are coping with this issue.  Most have no alternative but absorb the additional overhead expense of hiring tankers to deliver fresh water to fill their water tanks.  As for the employees of the island’s hospitality industry – who rent bed spaces to be near where they work – a higher fee they must shell out if the boarding house provides fresh water.  But such boarding houses are a rare find.  Salty water is all they can offer.

Thus, for many folks here at Panglao Island, for drinking and cooking purposes, they have to buy mineral or purified bottled water.

Water fountain at Rizal Park

Bottled fresh water station at Dauis Church

Although only about 200 meters from the sea, the well at the foot of the Dauis Church altar provides fresh water for the people who live in the area.  It is said to also have healing powers and many had already attested to it.

A premium commodity here at Panglao Island

Check out this article: Bohol-Cebu Water Supply courtesy of Seggy.

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