Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Island Weather Report

Mornings are rather cold here in the island; thus, early morning swimming has to be put aside for now.  Also, low tide starts so early that it seems I have to walk half a mile out to the sea to get to waist level of water.  But, the afternoons are great; water is high and the temperature is nice and warm. Just watch out for the sudden late afternoon showers.

Since about mid-December, it rains almost everyday here.  They're rather short downpours, however, and it's sunny most of the day.  

For the most part, the folks around here go about their usual daily grind without worrying about the weather.  The tourists also pursue their island hopping, diving and other activities without a care in the world.

All is cool in the island!

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  1. Your closing will make a nice promotional campaign for the Department of Tourism...

    All is Cool....
    is better than
    It's more fun....

    Anyone who kills this idea because of our humid climate does not know advertising. A good idea man can even capitalize on the humidity viz the beaches and the mall. And even our disasters, people have kept COOL... yeah man...

    Just make sure it hasn't been used before... I remember an old cigarette ad line that goes something like this:

    Willy the Penguin says: Hot? switch to cool...

  2. I think the DOT had run into some problems with another country claiming its "It's more fun in the Philippines!" slogan as originally theirs.

    I remember the mentholated Kool cigarettes in the States, which is supposedly popular amongst musicians.

    You're right! They should really check out: "All is cool!" Cool being more of a state of mind and attitude.

  3. My friend's yaya is an HRM student and they will be visiting Cebu and Bohol this February. I will tell my friend about your blog so her yaya can check out the places mentioned here.

  4. wow, what a gorgeous cloudscape. you have captured it so well.

    we're having a dry winter, which means we're all anxious how our water supply will be come summer. we're praying for rain here.

  5. Please do, Seggy, and maybe she'll get some ideas on where to visit and what to do while in Bohol.

  6. I was actually inspired by your Sky Watch group, Photo Cache. I was able to put the link back to its site, but I am unable to post on its site, yet. I have a few more pics of cloud scapes I'd like to share.

    Hope you also get lots of rain during the turn of the seasons so your water supply this summer will be all right.