Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Panglao Island

The limestone island of Panglao is about 20 kilometers in length.  It is narrow and low, and is separated from Bohol Island by the shallow Dauis Strait – so shallow that at low tide it is possible to cross on foot.

However, to facilitate travel to and from the islands a causeway was built to link both in the 19th century. The connection between the islands is immediately near Bool, the site where it is said the Boholano leader Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi made a blood compact.  During the 1970s, a second causeway was built to connect Tagbilaran with Panglao.

There are two towns in Panglao: Dauis to the east and Panglao to the west.

Nowadays, Panglao Island -- as a sightseeing spot as well as a diving haven -- boasts of a wealth of marine biodiversity -- better than what Japan and the Mediterranean Sea have to offer.  There are also about 250 new crustacean and 2500 mollusk species that thrive in the island's waters.

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