Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rizal Park

It was once referred to as Plaza Principe, now it is Rizal Park and regarded as the cultural center of Tagbilaran City.  It is located in front of the Provincial Capitol Building and adjacent to St. Joseph’s Cathedral.  There is also a library in the vicinity, behind the Capitol Building, which has an interesting relief map of Bohol Island along with reference materials, photographs and portraits that chronicle the province's political scene.

The Rizal Park is a popular local meeting place which was first laid out in 1860. It has wooden seats around the park strategically located under the trees.  The Tagbilaran Lion’s Club installed flag poles for the Flag of Nations. During the national day of a particular country, their flag is raised on this park to honor their special occasion. Some of the flags were donated by the foreign countries themselves.

Monument of Pres. Carlos P. Garcia

Provincial Capitol Building

St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Last week was National Heroes' Day.
It was to commemorate Dr. Jose Rizal

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  1. i spent 1 night in Tagbilaran many years ago...we missed the last boat to Cebu.:p i like Rizal's monument. looks like a lively plaza.

  2. I think as I get to know Tagbilaran City, Luna, as I had done with Manila, I'd probably discover little wonders here and there.

    I also want to take the ferry to Cebu, but I'm a bit apprehensive going there by myself.